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Brantford Brant County Green Energy Hub Initiative

The Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant has spearheaded an initiative to have Brant County, Six Nations, and Brantford designated as a Green Energy Hub. The goal is to be recognized internationally as a centre of excellence for renewable energy and sustainable living.

The Green Energy Hub Planning Committee has documented the following mission statement:

Through respectful collaboration, our partnership will build on the combined resources of Brantford, Brant, and Six Nations to establish shared economic, social, educational and environmental practices that embody our commitment to renewable energy and sustainable living.

What does a Green Energy Hub look like?
A Green Energy Hub is a geographic area in which one finds a concentration of individuals and corporations who are primarily occupied with the development and production of technologies and equipment related to advancing the prospects for sustainable living and sustainable development. Amongst these technologies, it is generally agreed that those pertaining to energy and particularly renewable energy will predominate.

Sustainable living is defined as a lifestyle that could, in principle, be sustained with little or no change for many generations without exhausting any natural resources. Or, put another way, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

A Green Hub area such as this would therefore become a magnet for like-minded individuals (students, researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs) and corporations who share this interest and commitment to sustainability. Just as a large automobile assembly plant attracts parts suppliers, so too will the Green Energy Hub attract manufacturers of renewable energy products and their components. The concentration of post-secondary educational institutions in our community will attract the students, teachers and researchers, some of whom will be encouraged by programs and incentives to become entrepreneurs.

What are the benefits of the Green Energy Hub?
Clearly, the Green Economy will create new jobs, some of which will replace jobs that have been lost as the era of disposability gives way to a future based around sustainability.

In addition to jobs in the manufacturing sector, there will be new jobs in education, in research, and in the supporting services economy.

The second immediate benefit will be the investment in both new and renewed facilities for education, research and manufacturing. We emphasize “renewed” facilities because we see the concentration of our efforts on sustainability leading to the creation of incentives to re-develop grey-field and brown-field sites as well as to occupy and modernize currently vacant buildings. From a municipality’s perspective, any of the above developments creates an expansion of the property tax base, and is worthy of support.

More information
For more information please read the Potential Impact of the Green Energy Hub release from the Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant.

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