Bracing for the summer of sneeze … + other green news + views you may have missed in Canada this week (VIDEO)

And just when Canadians were beginning to adjust to the constant climate change …

With news circulating that Canada should be preparing for a long, hot and dry summer – after just finishing up a warmer-than-usual winter – this just out: Allergy sufferers should be bracing for a few months of sneezing and sniffling this year.


The reason, say Environment Canada climatologists, is that, with the warmer temperatures, vegetation began to pollinate earlier and what we now have is “a merging of two pollen cycles.”

That translates into a longer allergy season that we have been accustomed to in Canada.. To further compound the expected misery is the fact that forecasters predict less rainfall than usual, so it will be tougher to wash away the extra pollen and smog.

Wonderful …


Why Canada’s only marine mammal toxicologist is losing his job … Why environmental group warns against antibacterial agent found in about 1,600 personal products in Canada … Why Alberta premier pooh-poohs NDP leader’s arguments about effects of oilsands  … How red tape has stalled solar energy manufacturers in Ontario … How Canada is falling behind world’s green business standard …

Last but not least: Achuar Indians from the Peruvian Amazon travelled to Canada to compare notes about oil issues with North Alberta aboriginals.

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