More bad news for green energy infrastructure in Ontario … the case for biofuels … green prescriptions … Canadian auto-parts makers eye green in India … Super Bowl’s green impact?

AS IF there hasn’t been enough bad press for green energy initiatives in Ontario, another related field – recycling – has taken a negative hit.

We all know about the latest fallout about wind turbine installations in the province, and the government’s back-to-the-drawing-board move with its feed-in tariff (FIT) and micro-FIT policies.


Now we see the ball has apparently been dropped as it pertains to hazardous-waste recycling and quasi-governmental agency Stewardship Ontario.

These types of stories are ongoing, it seems, and do nothing to help a new green economy get a leg up. More back-end planning and research should have been conducted before programs and initiatives were undertaken. Unfortunately, fast-tracking them has done more harm than good.


Following New Zealand’s lead, a new program in Canada hopes to show exercise is the best medicine. Let’s call it, as the New Zealanders do, a green prescription. It’s all about getting active … Debunking some myths and making a case for biofuels in our energy mix in Canada … Who would have guessed? Now we find out that Canadian auto-parts makers see a green opportunity in India … And maybe if wind turbines are a good fit for Third World countries, the same principles could be adhered to in Canada. It’s at least worth a look … Global warming? What global warming? A new study has shown that climate change is shrinking forests in three  Prairie provinces …

Last but not least: Leave it to the Super Bowl, version XLVI taking place this week, to find a way to bring a green element into the mix. No stone unturned, etc. etc. ….

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