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thumb National attention for The Green Hub
posted on December 10, 2011 by Greg McMillan

WE’LL BE talking more about this in an upcoming Green Matters’ column, but, for now, suffice to say The Green Hub is attracting more national attention as we speak.

A couple of examples come to mind this week. First, we see that the Globe and Mail has written a story about Ontario’s review of its two-year-old feed-in-tariff (FIT) program. But the ramifications of that probe hit home even more, as the article drew attention to The Green Hub by leading off with the difficulties that Ken Burns, the Green Party candidate for Brant in the recent provincial election, is experiencing with his solar-installation business, Solar Team.

Burns is quoted in the article as saying the next few months are make-or-break for his business,  caused by the uncertainty surrounding the province’s green energy plans.

He’s not alone, of course, as others in The Green Hub, in the same businesses, are sitting on tenterhooks waiting to see what will happen next.

Also this week, we were contacted by Chris Fossenier from the Saskatoon Wind Turbine Project, who’s heading a coalition trying to put the brakes on a municipal plan at a landfill site. The group is not against green power, or wind turbines in particular, but they are trying to show that this particular project is neither safe, nor smart.

Fossenier was aware about the ongoing controversy over wind turbine installations in The Green Hub, and southern Ontario, and was seeking some input from us.

So the word is definitely spreading about The Green Hub.

Elsewhere around The Green Hub:
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Last but not least:
There’s a U.S. report just published that has a definite Canadian hook. It’s about how green building will continue to rebound globally in 2012. The report’s author talked with green building industry leaders in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia during the past year. Of particular note to us, was the finding that the focus of the green building industry will continue its switch from new building design and construction to greening existing buildings. That hit home in a big way as we continue with our green reno in The Green Hub with the This Really Old House Goes Green project.

(Check back regularly for a new post from The Green Ticker … and The Greg McMillan Daily)

The Green Ticker, the blog by, is authored by Greg McMillan, who is a veteran journalist with over 20 years experience with both The Globe and Mail and Hamilton Spectator newspapers. Now a partner in with Adam Hislop, he will scan the internet daily to provide bits of information, gossip and perspective into all things green.

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