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thumb David Suzuki
posted on April 17, 2012 by

DAVID SUZUKI has had one busy time of it lately.

He resigned from the board of director at the David Suzuki Foundation, saying he
wanted to save the organization from ‘bully’ charitable status threats; he lamented the Tory chill on green groups; he exposed himself to high-profile media attention at
The Globe and Mail’s editorial board. And he still managed to comment on a myriad
of environmental issues confronting Canadians.


We instantly recalled an appropriate song from the past to illustrate his travails: Stuck in The Middle With You by Stealers Wheel.

If nothing else, this eco-icon knows how to garner publicity. Like him or loathe him, Suzuki stands alone.


How Ontario now calling itself the Global Clean Tech Hub … How green business operations are growing in Canada … and more on what companies such as Staples Canada are doing … How Canada is cracking down on heavy duty vehicle emissions … Letter to editor / How Canada’s environmental reputation has been tarnished … How Stephen Harper selling resource-friendly economy idea to Latin America … Why Alberta and Saskatchewan called environmental laggards … Why observers say energy issue getting bum’s rush in Alberta campaign … How Globe and Mail newspaper is committed to sustainable paper choices … Why critics say Environment Canada will see dramatic change of role after budget cuts … When Toronto is hosting green building conference … Why Canada is struggling to meet carbon emissions goal …

Last but not least:
You like wine. Does it matter to you if it’s eco-friendly? Or is all wine really eco-friendly? Taking a look at greenwashing possibilities and smart choices.

The Green Ticker, the blog by, is authored by Greg McMillan, who is a veteran journalist with over 20 years experience with both The Globe and Mail and Hamilton Spectator newspapers. The co-founder of, Canada's source for all things green, he will scan the internet daily to provide bits of information, gossip and perspective.

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